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Consultations for unexplained infertility

I help women, who for a number of reasons ranging from age, fear, past trauma, are experiencing difficulty getting pregnant.  This can be such a painful time for women as giving birth is one of the most profound human urges.

Unexplained infertility means you have healthy eggs and tubes and your partner has a healthy sperm count, therefore there is no ‘medical’ reason for not conceiving.

The good news is that the act of getting pregnant is not difficult.  It’s a natural process that will happen when you remove all the mental ‘baby’ blocks you’ve put in your body’s way.  This is why so many women who adopt or have an IVF baby, go on to conceive naturally, quite soon afterwards.  This simply happens because you are no longer in the blocked state, because the body will do what the mind tells it – so once you see and accept yourself as a parent, this has a positive influence on your fertility.

Science has proven that your unconscious thoughts about pregnancy, birth and becoming a parent, can block the ability to conceive due to both conscious and unconscious fears.

Changing your thinking causes changes both mentally and physically because the hormones to get pregnant begin in the mind and are influenced by the way we think and feel – negative emotions can disrupt this.

Consultations in pregnancy

it is so much easier to ‘create & build’ a healthy baby than to repair a ‘broken’ adult

Experts in the fast-growing field of epigenetics have shown that we are not only our genes but a product of our environment as well, a proven fact that changes our perception of stress and exposures to the environment during pregnancy.

These environmental effects are passed down through the generations through our genes, making it scientifically plausible that a traumatic event that affected your grandmother could leave a mark on your genes.

Every pregnant woman is exposed to horror stories about birth, from family, media, books, movies, social media.  Unfortunately it is rare to meet a pregnant woman who is ecstatic about being pregnant and looking forward to labour and birthing.  The mind is very good at absorbing and hanging on to all the negativity you have heard, read and seen about birth.  Understanding your own journey from being in your mother’s womb to your birth, helps to free you of inherited patterns and beliefs acquired whilst absorbed in your own amniotic bubble.  The mind is often layered with fears, self-doubt and anxiety.  These thoughts determine how you give birth, and with hypnosis you have the power to change your belief system to what you want and desire for your birthing experience – for you and baby.

How babies are welcomed into the world creates the foundation for their sense of safety, self-worth and belonging, and their capacity to have healthy relationships based on love and trust.