We live in a world where almost everything is medicated.  There are ‘pills’ for most ailments.  It is a multi-billion dollar industry.  If you can’t sleep – take pills!  If you are anxious – take pills!  If you have a headache – take pills!  And the list goes on…..

Dollars & Pills

We are constantly bombarded with the very effective sales pitch that drugs are the answer to everything – and they are not!  I have seen many clients who are on antidepressants, who tell me they don’t know if they are still depressed as they just feel numb all the time, and find it difficult to express any emotion.


Instead of just treating symptoms, hypnotherapy will very cleverly, but simply, find the root cause of why you have that particular problem.  Many illnesses come from a disconnect between mind and body. Treating the root cause enables you to create dramatic and long lasting results.

Your mind’s job is to keep you alive and often it comes up with an illness as a way of protecting you.  Once you understand where the illness has come from, it is much easier to treat or even reverse.

Do not ever give over your power to someone else – to make you well and feel better.  You have, within you, much more power than you may think, and your mind has the most amazing healing power on the planet.

Man Jumping Over Impossible or Possible Over Cliff on Sunset
Man Jumping Over Impossible or Possible Over Cliff on Sunset

Many people feel lost and helpless and it is so wonderful to see them regain their power.


We know the mind can create physical symptoms – when you’re embarrassed you blush.  The mind has created a physical symptom in the body – the skin which is an organ.  If you’re upset, you cry.  The mind has created tears.  If you’re nervous you may shake.  We know the mind is capable of creating all sorts of physical symptoms AND it’s also capable of taking it all away.