Stress & Anxiety
the 5 week program that will change everything

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Constant worry is exhausting.

Sometimes it feels like we are wading through a sea of stress and uncontrolled stress is harmful in so many ways.

Not only the emotional harm of insomnia, depression, anger, addiction, stress also impacts our physical health including heart and immune responses.

Some signs people get when anxious include:

  • tightness in the stomach
  • pounding sensation in the chest
  • sweating
  • legs turn to jelly
  • mind is racing

It is scary because in this state you feel like a potential catastrophe is about to happen that you will not be able to cope with.

It may be ‘I’m about to lose my job, I’m about to crash the car, or nobody will turn up for the party I’m planning’

And you know that on a rational level you are blowing things out of proportion, but at an emotional level, the experience of panic and fear can be overwhelming.

Excessive anxiety and negative thinking is just a habit.

You were not born doing this!  It’s something you have learned to do.

Maybe you picked this up as a small child, taking mental notes from people around you, or maybe, thinking anxious thoughts following certain events in your life.


Staying Calm

This 5 week program will install CONFIDENCE and will train you to think more calmly and rationally, when faced with anxious thoughts.

It will teach you simple breathing techniques that you can use anytime and anywhere

It will show you how to take a step back from your thoughts and feelings, calmly observing them.  This way, they immediately lose their power over you.

It will show you how to put your imagination to use in a more positive way, and seeing yourself being capable and calm and enjoying a future situation that’s going really well.

It will show you HOW to relax – deeply.

This is a skill that everyone should have because we live in a stressful world.

Learn how to block out all the noise – easily and effortlessly and live life more calmly.