the unborn baby is a feeling, listening & aware being and what happens to him during the 9 months in the womb, shapes his personality & emotional development

Just imagine having the power to create an intelligent, happy baby.  BONDING begins in utero.


Hypno-pregnancy opens up the communication channels between you & baby, now pause & listen to the messages you receive from your baby.

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How you are during pregnancy and how you give birth is totally controlled by your subconscious mind

These thoughts determine how you give birth, and with hypnosis you have the power to change your belief system to what you want and desire for your birthing experience – for you and baby.


The womb is where we all started our life’s journey.  What happens in the womb sets the pattern for how life will be on the outside, for baby.

We all have a past!

We must first heal any past experiences of trauma, anxieties, fears.  Many women find it difficult to comprehend why their birth went so terribly wrong, why it was so traumatic, when they had done EVERYTHING! from the empowering prenatal classes, chiro., acupuncture, herbs, eating healthy, yoga, exercise and the list goes on BUT they forgot to heal the most important part – THE MIND and THE MIND is the most important organ in pregnancy & birthing.

Hypno-Pregnancy heals the past – FIRST!  because your past is also transferred to the unborn baby.  You may not be aware of this as it is all happening at the unconscious level.

This gives space and freedom to re-shape negative thoughts, ideas, fears, anxieties about labour, birth, parenting, which can detrimentally affect labour, birth and baby.

Hypno-pregnancy program offers regular hypnotherapy sessions, throughout pregnancy,  via Zoom.  Flexibility is important and is guided by what you want.


Sessions include:

  • Healing negative beliefs – FIRST!
  • Bonding – enjoy the many fun ways to connect
  • Understanding womb world & your power to imprint baby’s mind
  • Hypnosis to release all anxieties & fears
  • Hypnosis to be in control of your pregnancy & birth
  • Mum/Baby Connection is key to a happy birth for you and baby
  • Learn how to labour and birth with deep hypnotic relaxation in an ‘aware’ state


The mind is the most important organ in birthing.

Start your parenting journey with a healthy mind.

Negative thoughts, ideas, fears, anxieties about labour, birth, parenting, will detrimentally affect labour, birth and baby.

Your baby will love these sessions and benefit from his Mum’s deeply relaxed state, becoming calm and confident.

Medical intervention rates are on the increase and women are more fearful than ever.

Never underestimate the power of your MIND!

Experts in the fast-growing field of epigenetics have shown that we are not only our genes but a product of our environment as well, a proven fact that changes our perception of stress and exposures to the environment during pregnancy.

These environmental effects are passed down through the generations through our genes, making it scientifically plausible that a traumatic event that affected your grandmother could leave a mark on your genes.

‘I was very sceptical of hypnotherapy at first, I have a background of trauma and mental illness with lots of therapies over the years.  After just two sessions with Susan I was able to use practical strategies, in real time, to help with my anxiety and trauma responses. This ability extended during an emergency c-section a few months later, I am certain that had I not participated in these sessions, I would be dealing with a new trauma all together.
I am very grateful for Susan and highly recommend her services.’  Jess
‘After experiencing a cascade of intervention with my first birth I was very anxious about going into labour with my second child. Susan helped me see birth in a more positive light.
Reframing my thought process so that when I eventually did go into labour I felt calm rather than anxious.
This change of thinking meant I was able to experience a water birth using only gas to help me through.
Compared to my first birthing experience I feel much more physically and emotionally well.’ Thank you Susan
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