Words can hurt – we see this on social media every day, but words can also inspire, words can show love, words can motivate, words can empower.

Words create images in your mind.  Words create emotions, feelings and thoughts.  Words are the manifestation of thoughts.  The words you think or say create images in your mind.  We express our thoughts, desires and ideas with words.  How we use words is important in what we want to create for ourselves, our children, and the world around us.  Watch this – it is truly inspiring!

Negative words can affect self-esteem and confidence, especially when it comes from someone you love.  This emotional violence is deeply damaging and is often the ‘silent abuse’ in a relationship that many keep hidden from society.

Babies and children respond beautifully to positive words.  Words that are spoken with gentleness, from the heart and with true meaning.

We use words every day.  We speak them quite naturally and often without thinking about what this is attracting into our lives.


We all do this.  You know that little voice in your head that just keeps on reminding you about certain things and can give you warnings about what not to do.  It is good to pay particular attention to that voice, give it space and time and listen.  The power lies in the intention you give those words.  The words trigger concepts, memories, ideas, thoughts and feelings from the programs running in your subconscious mind and transforms them into emotional responses.  About 90% of the internal dialogue of a normal person is negative.  Listen more carefully to the words you use and listen and hear what others are saying.


Pay attention to the words you use with yourself and others.  Are they positive or negative?

You can look into another’s soul and feel their heart beating if you choose to listen to what they are saying and understand the meaning of the words.

How do you deliver your words?