A surprising number of women are very anxious about birthing. They have heard many, many horror stories, watched many movies about birth, and listened to many in the media discuss how it is O.K. to opt for an induction, epidural or even elective caesarean.

IT IS NOT O.K. to electively book in for any medical intervention, in the name of fear! when all fears and anxieties can be easily eliminated with the power of hypnosis.  We first must discover the root cause of the fear and it may surprise you to know that many of the fears you are having originate from your time in your mothers womb, where the imprint of her fears were cemented in your subconscious mind. These unconscious anxieties have been layered throughout your life from books, movies, media, family stories, so when the time comes for you to be pregnant and giving birth, it all just seems so overwhelming.

Many women attend prenatal classes that reinforce the pain and fear model – and this from ‘so-called’ experts?  When you attend our Inside Birth® classes you learn about parenting from conception, about the importance of developing a relationship with your unborn baby, and about how simply and easily it is to eliminate all fears and the huge benefits of enjoying a wonderful birth.


it is a basic human right that every unborn baby should be given every opportunity to enter the world gently, quietly, with love and focused attention on his mental and physical well-being. Observing a mother & baby working together in perfect harmony in labour is one of life’s pure joys.  How a baby enters the world, how he feels and how he connects with his parents at birth, sets the pattern for the rest of his life. If you would like a beautiful, pain free birthing experience then give me a ring. You CAN change your mindset! simply and easily. Why wouldn’t you? For you and your baby.