Do you wonder where you came from?

How was I born?
Where do you come from?
What was it like in the womb?
Do you know your birth story?

Most don’t know, or if they do it has often been presented very negatively.  Does this sound familiar?  ‘you were an accident’, ‘I was too young to have you’, ‘I was too old to have you’, ‘you caused me so much sickness, every day I was vomiting’, ‘you constantly kicked and kept me awake, I had no sleep when I was pregnant’, ‘you were a mistake’.   There are thousands of similar statements that are told to children throughout their life, without much, if any, consideration for the impact on that child’s life.  These stories are often told with humour but the language used is far from funny.

Every experience you have had, throughout your life is registered in the subconscious mind and it began at conception.  All a mother’s feelings and emotions are passed on to the unborn baby.  It is all registered and recorded accurately – not consciously – but unconsciously.  The blueprint for life is set.

When there has been incidents of domestic violence, emotional abuse, depression, sickness, or an unwanted pregnancy these feelings and emotions are imprinted in the subconscious mind of the unborn baby.  The birth experience is often challenging, especially for the baby, with complications of medical intervention added into an already toxic mix of emotions.


The picture often presents with a crying, unsettled, stressed and anxious baby throughout infancy. Parents search everywhere for a diagnosis.  Early childhood centre, GP, Paediatrician, midwife, hospital.  They want to have a definitive diagnosis so a treatment can be given to ‘fix’ the problem.  When there is no obvious medical problem then the emotions increase in intensity with no solution.

Child grows into a teenager and eventually an adult.  The emotions are being layered with each life event that triggers a reaction.

Many people are unaware of where their strong feelings of anger or guilt or fear come from.  They are often frustrated and don’t understand why they may lash out in anger.  Fears that may seem irrational, or overwhelming, guilt that is all invasive.  These can have a crippling effect on just running an everyday life and having a successful relationship and career.  Feeling stuck, or not feeling ‘good enough’ can all be traced back to the environment in the womb – for that baby.

Is this you?  Hypnotherapy and Time Line® therapy work brilliantly in un-attaching the crippling emotions attached to these events which allows freedom to move forward and enjoy a satisfying and successful life.