Understanding how your mind works and applying some simple techniques will allow you to achieve lasting transformational change in your life.

subconscious mind power
subconscious mind power


The dialogue you have with your mind is very important.  That’s the little voice you hear and feel telling you work is too hard, I’m scared about that exam or test, I’m worried I will fail, It’s too risky, I can’t, I will try but probably won’t succeed, I want to lose weight but can’t stop eating chocolate, I should exercise but can’t be bothered, life is a struggle.  This is negative language which the subconscious mind cannot compute.

Your mind does what it really thinks you want to do and responds to two things only:

  • The words you say to yourself AND
  • The pictures you make in your head

The mind loves familiarity because it is safe and resists what is unfamiliar.

Your mind is always listening and your words and thoughts are powerful.  Every word you say and thought you think becomes a blueprint that your mind and body turns into reality.

You mind’s job is to act on the words you tell it.  Your job is to give your mind much more powerful, descriptive and positive words and pictures.


The most powerful potential comes from your mind.  What happens in hypnosis is your mind is more willing to change.  When you understand how and why the mind operates then you can work with it, instead of against it, to get all the changes you want.  Hypnosis excites the imagination which is easily accessed due to the very deep relaxed trance like state you are in.

Hypnotherapy is by far the easiest way to make the changes in your life you really want