An imprint is a memory, or recording, of an event, experience, or environment, which is stored in both your physical and energy body – your body-system.

Imprints are your way of storing experiences, some of which may have been traumatic, stressful, or difficult. You may have no conscious awareness of these imprints, but they are profoundly present in your life in many ways.


You have a stored body memory of the environment in which you grew, and all that happened there in your first 9 months. Pre-natal and birth experiences in particular are recorded in this way because they are pre-verbal, and remain stored in your body-system. Also other stages of your life experiences, after birth, newborn period, early childhood are also stored this way in your body-system.


They express themselves in many different ways:  physical symptoms, emotions, relationship choices and dynamics, attachment issues, parenting, over-emotional reactions to particular situations, postures, tactile sensitivity, illness, nervous system regulation, how safe you feel, your resilience levels, whether you are calm and resourced or not, and much more.

When you don’t understand why ‘something’ is happening in your life, or an unwanted pattern of behaviour is being repeated it can be confusing.  This is likely due to an imprint from the womb or birth or early childhood that you are unaware of.  You don’t have to keep repeating painful, difficult, or traumatic imprints. They can be healed and re-patterned.  A child or adult  is often having a reaction to life, as they perceived it to be in the womb, and acting out of responses learned in the womb that are no longer serving them as an adult.

It becomes normal to think ‘that’s just the way I am’ and to accept this state BUT through the power of hypnosis you can easily change and reorganise that pattern of thinking/behaviour.

Make an appointment and change your life now! and remember ‘if you are motivated to change, then hypnotherapy simply works’