Fears and phobias, for many people are crippling and can have a detrimental effect on their life.  How can you break free of these fears forever?


To understand this we must first understand how the mind works.

  1.  Did you know that your thoughts and the words you use influence how you feel.  The pictures you imagine in your mind and the words you say, directly affects how you feel.
  2. Your mind likes what is familiar and dislikes the unfamiliar.  A client came to me with a fear of connecting with people.  She described this as feeling afraid of having ‘true’ and ‘meaningful’ connections.  She was married with 3 children, but did not feel a deep connection.  She became socially isolated, preferring to stay at home than go out and make friends.  She was scared of what might happen if she did. 

During her hypnotherapy sessions, it was revealed that she had been taken away from her mother immediately at birth, without even making eye contact.  This was a pattern that continued throughout her childhood.  Her mother was often absent and they never developed a connection or bond.  She had learned that connection is scary, and her mind preferred this familiar pattern.  With Time Line Therapy (a form of Hypnotherapy) she was able to not only heal, but remove the emotion attached to this painful event and understand where her fears had come from

3. Imprints are formed very early in childhood, or even in the womb.  When separation occurred and was repeated throughout childhood, the imprint was formed don’t get too close to people because there will be nobody there for you.


You do not have to live with a fear that is seriously impacting your life.  You cannot change the event that caused the fear, but you can definitely change how you react, you can change the pictures and words in your mind, and you can release the crippling emotions attached to the event. You have total control over that!  And most importantly you can take positive learnings from the event, changing your mind into a new familiar.


You can’t control the weather, you can’t control the traffic, but you can control your thoughts.  Your thoughts control your feelings, your feelings control your actions, your actions control your events.  When you take control of your thoughts, it changes your entire life.  When you make your thoughts positive it makes your life positive.

It starts out as what you do, but then becomes who you are http://susanrosshypnotherapy.com/talk-to-me/

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