Have you ever considered Hypnotherapy?

Have you had all the tests (and there are sooo many), your partner has had a sperm count and you are then told all is normal and there is no medical reason why you should not get pregnant?  This can be both devastating and positive news.

The empty vessel

Devastating because it is frustrating there is no ‘obvious’ medical answer, and positive because you have no medical problems.  This tends to leave couples confused and anxious, especially if you are ‘older’ – and that can mean anything from 30+

I am assuming you are committed to exercising, eating a healthy diet, reducing caffeine, no alcohol and most importantly, KNOW how and when to have sex!

However it is still a LABEL you have been given.  It changes your identity.


I am not the person who tells everyone we are ‘trying’ for a baby and bingo it happens, just like that.  I am not the person who is a pregnant woman.  I am not the person who is a birthing woman.  I am not the person who is about to become a mother.  That is not who I am.  That is not my identity.  I am the person who is so dedicated to trying and nothing happens.

I am the person who CANNOT conceive.  I am the person who has no medical issues but CAN’T get pregnant.

These are the very thoughts that deeply influence the ability to conceive.  But they are just so overwhelming, these thoughts that occupy every moment of your day and maybe also your sleep.

Changing your thinking causes changes both mentally and physically, because the hormones necessary for conception to occur, are released into the brain and are influenced by the way you think and feel.  Negative emotions can disrupt them.

HYPNOSIS is amazing at reversing the automatic negative emotions.  No longer will you be hoping and wishing, but you will be believing and seeing.  Experience the very deep relaxation and anxiety release that will give you the freedom to see that baby on its way to you.

Discover Your Inner Power