It is now well established that your thoughts and feelings can have a profound impact on your physical health.

Your immune system is the primary protection mechanism in your body against infection and disease. It needs to produce the right response at the right time to the right degree to help keep you safe and healthy.


The ‘immune system’ isn’t a single element, like your organs. It is an incredibly complex interconnecting system of structures and processes within you that protect against disease. Its job in life, your life, is to find, hunt down and destroy a wide variety of ‘enemy agents’, such as viruses, harmful bacteria and other pathogens.  The immune system is very clever as it updates its responses to new threats.

This adaptive immunity creates a kind of ‘immunological memory’ after contact with a specific pathogen, and can then deal with that pathogen more efficiently if it ever tries to enter your body again.

So, in simple terms, your immune system in an adaptive and intelligent force within you which works in many ways.


Of course, immunity robustness has to do with general health, diet and lifestyle.  Poor diet, too little sleep, too much sleep, an overdose of extreme exercise – yes you can have too much of a good thing – can all impair immune function. Hypnosis can help, but a healthy lifestyle is still very important.


The mind and body are intricately interconnected and your state of mind can directly influence the working of the immune system, and vice versa.

Extreme and prolonged anger, anxiety and the stress of depression all weaken the immune system, just as healthy sleep, optimism and happiness can strengthen it.

So how can hypnosis affect the mind/body connection?

There is compelling evidence that hypnosis can be used to help promote immunity. Relaxation – a lowering of stress in the body – can help boost immunity, and hypnosis, as we know, can be incredibly relaxing. But it seems that beyond the purely relaxing aspects of hypnosis there is good evidence that immunity can be enhanced if certain particular kinds of suggestions are given while you are actually in hypnosis.


Hypnosis is a powerful way to relax, and counteracts the immune weakening effects of stress.

So one way you can strengthen and support your own immunological health is to practice hypnosis every day – or at least often and regularly. Relaxation, while undoubtedly beneficial in itself, may not give you as much benefit as using hypnosis with specific suggestions to strengthen immunity.