The NEWS, in all its formats, is simply overwhelming, reporting one crisis after another.  We are being overfed and undernourished.  This overstimulation can lead a person down a path of loneliness and despair.  It is easy to feel dysfunctional.


It does not cost anything to learn how to enjoy ‘STILLNESS’. They are the ‘quiet’ moments, that are so easy and yet so difficult to organise – for many.  However ‘quiet’ moments can lead to great achievement and profound happiness.

‘STILLNESS’ means we have to start listening and step away from the comfort of noisy distractions and stimulations.  We have to ‘make room’ for more insights and creativity.

I spend a lot of time in my therapy room:

  • Undoing the worry that leads to anxiety
  • Undoing the rumination that fuels anger
  • Undoing the self-criticism that feeds depression

AND THEN:  cultivating the powers of attention and focus SO THAT your MIND works for you and not against you.

Sometimes you have to disconnect in order to better connect with yourself


It is difficult to think or act clearly, or relax and be happy, when we are drowning in information.

It’s difficult to reap the rewards of solitude — which are many! — if you’re afraid to be alone with yourself.

Experiencing ‘STILLNESS’, each and every day, and taking joy in it, warms the soul, and energises and enriches the spirit.  Learning to appreciate just ‘this moment’ because that is all there is ‘right now’ will allow the body, mind and spirit to align in harmony.  This self-discipline gives us the strength to pursue our dreams without being weighed down by distractions and noise.


We have a culture that is defined by escape, by what we run away from, not what we run toward.  It is easy to get into overwhelming debt, chasing pleasures we don’t really want and increasingly turning toward pharmaceuticals to ease our underlying anxieties and despair over the state of the world and ourselves.

HYPNOSIS will teach you the power of ‘STILLNESS’ and deep relaxation to further enhance great achievement and happiness.

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