Bend – But Don’t Break

One impressive thing about bamboo in the forest is how they sway with even the slightest breeze. Even though their trunks are firmly rooted in the ground and they are hard and firm, they move with the wind.  And when the wind stops, the bamboos bounce back to their normal position.   Just like the bamboo, we too must build emotional resilience in life.

Resilience is a quality that allows us to adjust to, or recover readily from adversity or major life changes and come back stronger than before.  To build emotional resilience we must be optimistic and discover what we can learn from failing.  If we can develop our muscle of resilience, we’ll be much more capable of dealing with the ‘downs’ of life.

Find Wisdom in an Open Mind

When we cut through the trunk of a bamboo tree, we can see that it’s hollow. This hollowness gives the bamboo many of its special qualities. Metaphorically, the hollow trunk of the bamboo reminds us to let go of our preconceived notions, and be open to new ideas.

You will discover in a hypnotherapy session that to make change really happen you must come with an open mind.

Commit to Continuous Growth

Bamboos are among the fastest-growing and tallest plants of the world. This is because bamboos keep growing continuously. And as the bamboos commit to continuous growth, we too must commit to continuous growth.  Developing our muscle of resilience will allow us to lead incredible lives.


Quite simply, hypnosis is an amazing therapy, because the Hypnotherapist doesn’t ‘FIX’ the client, YOU, the client, will FIX yourself.

However it is often NOT a ‘quick fix’!  In the session we lay down new patterns of responding in the brain and these new patterns need strengthening and reinforcing to make them become habitual.  Sometimes suggestions and ideas need time to seep through from the unconscious to the conscious mind, because they need time to be understood and incorporated fully before they can be used.

Would you like to develop your muscle of resilience and make change happen in your life?

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