New suggestions

If you have ever experienced a stumbling block in your life or stopped short of doing something, the chances are that there are old, rusty programs sitting in your unconscious mind that need to be cleared.  Your unconscious mind has literally thousands of programs running all the time, just as a computer has lots of software.  Sometimes the programs we install on our computer aren’t very useful so it’s better to remove them completely, so they don’t slow down speed and functionality.  In the same way, you can remove the programs in your mind to speed up your mind and increase your ability to achieve success.

Many of these old rusty programs, which may be holding you back from achieving your goals, have probably been there for a long time.  Most have either come from your childhood or before – even when you were in utero!  Any negative experience you had as a child or when a teacher, parent or friend said something to make you feel bad, formed a useless program in your mind.  These programs are not helpful and can certainly block you from achieving.  They can be easily removed from your unconscious mind – if you know how!

So if you find you get stuck in the same bad habits, repeating over and over again like eating the wrong foods, smoking, lacking confidence, not being motivated, chances are that an old rusty program is running somewhere!

Do you have that feeling that you could be doing a lot more in your life than you are right now?


The research shows that by the time you’ve reached 21yrs old, thousands of suggestions, beliefs and mindsets have been installed in your mind, and all of these affect your thinking and how you perceive the world around you.

Your mind is very sensitive so be careful about what you put into it.  Movies, books, television, social media, all influence how you think, what you think, and how you behave.  They all have a powerful influence and send suggestions to your unconscious mind.


Sending new suggestions and creating new influences for your mind can completely remove the old rusty programs and help you to achieve what you really want.

You need to wire your mind where the positive influences completely outweigh the negative.

If you want to learn how simple this is then book an appointment today and enjoy installing some new positive programs.