“Hypnosis is a state of intensified attention and receptiveness to an idea or to a set of ideas” (Erickson)

Hypnosis is a process which produces a deep state of relaxation, distracts the conscious mind, increases awareness and heightens suggestibility which allows access to the unconscious mind through the imagination.

Optimum relaxation

Hypnosis is not ‘being unconscious’ or sleeping.  Many people feel that hypnosis did not work because they heard every word that was spoken.  Perfect!  The hypnotic state causes a person to be acutely aware of everything around him.  Your attention is much more focused in hypnosis than in the normal waking state.

For hypnosis to be successful you must have BELIEF and EXPECTATION.  When we believe in something it sends a message to the brain about what is occurring.  The brain then orders the body how to respond.  Beliefs have great powers.  If a person believes he will be hypnotised and has the expectation that he will be hypnotised, then he will be hypnotised – every time.

We all spend every day of our lives going in and out of a ‘trance’ like state, without realising.  Think about your regular drive home from work.  How many times have you arrived at your destination without recalling the main parts of the journey.  It feels like you were on auto-pilot, steering, taking the correct turns, stopping at lights, all as if you had an inbuilt GPS and then suddenly you have arrived home.  You have done this journey so many times that your unconscious mind knows how to get from point A-B and you don’t have to think consciously.  This is hypnosis.  It is a natural state which we come in and out of daily.


  1. Will the hypnotherapist be swinging ‘the watch’ to put me in a trance?  –  NO
  2. Will I reveal all my closely held secrets that I don’t want to share?  – NO
  3. Will the hypnotherapist make me do things I don’t want to do, whilst in trance – NO
  4. Will I lose the control of my mind? – NO


  1. You will be guided into a very relaxed and enjoyable state
  2. You will be in total control because in hypnosis you have greater awareness than when fully awake
  3. You will be fully aware of your environment and capable of making decisions
  4. The amazing feeling of being hypnotised is one of absolute beautiful relaxation – something to look forward to and enjoy
  5. Words and sounds gradually become distant, but the positive suggestions continue to affect you, quietly and automatically. At the time you may not even be aware of all the improvements you notice later
  6. The effects of the positive suggestions remain with you long after the session is completed. You will leave feeling refreshed, alert, energised and calm