People in a hypnotic state are not unconscious.  They are super alert but are able to tune out to all external stimuli around them and focus on the unconscious mind where addictions, phobias, fears and repressed memories reside.

Perfect relaxation

Hypnosis is simply the process by which a person is guided into a very relaxed state where focused attention allows them to enter into a trance where their unconscious mind can be accessed.  In this state a person will respond to and accept the suggestions being made.

Opening up communication with the unconscious mind allows healing possibilities with the mind/body connection, because the unconscious mind can communicate with every cell in your body.


Scientists will tell you that we enter into a hypnotic trance daily without even realising it. Take the example of driving home from a busy day at work, taking your familiar route.  Your mind wanders and suddenly you’re home.  Do you actually remember the roundabout, going through the lights, putting your turning signal on, noticing the houses you drove past?  You definitely did see all of that but your relaxed state, brought on by familiarity, allowed your unconscious mind to take over, putting you into auto-pilot, and getting you home, without even thinking – consciously – about the trip.

Compare that to driving in a new city, on unfamiliar roads, to a new destination.  You’re conscious mind is in a state of high alert, actively thinking and making decisions as you navigate unfamiliar territory.  You are very aware, and remember it all.

Tapping into the unconscious mind and tuning out the conscious mind is exactly what happens during hypnosis.  The conscious mind is bypassed, allowing you to access the deepest reaches of your unconscious mind.  This is when problems, fears, phobias, addictions and lots more, can be resolved.


Open your mind to healing
Open Your Mind to Healing
  • It is safe
  • It is drug free
  • Client is in control at all times
  • It is cost effective
  • It is NOT ‘talking’ therapy where it is common to spend weeks, months and even years, going over and over the same issue
  • Hypnotherapy works quickly and easily, often requiring only 2-4 sessions
  • It gives you skills to take home and use for life
  • It is deeply relaxing and you will leave the session feeling alert, refreshed, calm and with a new sense of focused determination.

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