Your reflection is what you see in the mirror – it’s bending something back – your reflection in the mirror is the light waves that bounce your image back at you.  When you pause for reflection -that is serious thinking – your thoughts are bending inward.

Reflection is the focus on and examination of your thoughts and feelings.  It is the capacity to exercise introspection and the willingness to learn more about the fundamental nature and essence of those thoughts.  It is an observation and contemplation of one’s soul.

Revealing Reflection

We all spend time looking in the mirror, especially when getting ready to go out socially or to work.  This is when the ‘mask’ is put on to go out and face the world in whatever role you are playing that day, maybe company CEO, hairdresser, doctor, parent, but it is a role.  It is a role that many are defined by and define themselves as.

But what about your Soul’s mirror?  This mirror shows the reflection of yourself when you feel nobody is looking – your true essence.  This mirror’s reflection never hides, it never lies and is your true self.  You will only see this reflection with your eyes closed.  Your Soul’s mirror is within you and not outside of you.  Your true self will only be revealed when you block out external thoughts, opinions, expectations and standards of others.


  • Strengthening emotional intelligence. When you take time to self-reflect you are looking inwards
  • Strengthening core values leading to better decision making
  • Strengthening empowerment and confidence

Sitting in silence, with your eyes closed, turns on your Parasympathetic Nervous System, which lowers stress, anxiety and blood pressure.  Your Sympathetic Nervous System, which controls fight or flight responses and stress producing hormones, shuts down.  Doing this for a few minutes daily, just observing your breath, is where self-reflection is initiated and self-awareness emerges.  Eventually it will be whom you see, not what you see.

Everything in your life is a reflection of a choice you have made.  If you want a different result, then you need to make a different choice.

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