How often have you heard, just ‘trust your instincts’ or ‘listen to your gut’ or ‘follow your intuition’? How often do we ignore our inner voice because there is so much external noise and internal conflict that interferes with how we listen to our inner wisdom.

Be Still


We all have one!  It is our ‘gut feeling’ or just simply ‘a knowing’ or ‘a feeling or hunch or inkling’, and when you can tune in to your inner voice, you will find that making decisions is easier and faster and you will solve problems with ease.  The dictionary defines intuition as “the quality or ability of having direct perception or quick insight”.

Numerous studies show that only about 10% of our cognitive activity (decisions, emotions, actions) comes from our conscious mind and that 90% of brain activity happens at an unconscious level.


Unfortunately reason and logic take over.  This is the thinking part of your mind – thinking consciously and weighing up advantages and disadvantages, which often overrides instincts.

TRY THISTAKE TIME TO LISTEN AND FEEL and to do this successfully we must take time to be quiet and block out all the external noise.  We take in masses of information through all our senses continuously and process it at incredible speed.

We all live busy lives but your soul will be enriched when you take time each day to be ‘still’.  This may be in a park, near water, in a garden, walking or wherever is convenient for you, each day, to block out all the noise, and of course this is simply called meditation.  Pay attention to your inner voice and understand the power of sitting in silence.  It is profound.  It will energise, enrich and clear your mind of all the clutter so you will have a clear path to connect to your inner voice and follow its lead.  If you are faced with any sort of problem then this meditation time will give you clarity so pay attention and listen.

If you have never done meditation then practice daily and you will quickly tune in to that gut feeling.