Is this affecting your performance in business or your personal life?

Release negative emotions and experience a new mindset

Time Line® Therapy is the best technique to release all negative emotions and limiting decisions.

Please note this is NOT about ‘getting to understand the negative emotions’, or ‘connecting with them’ or ‘getting peace with them’ or ‘not being able to feel them any longer’ – this IS about releasing them from the past so they disappear off the past memories and you are left with a whole lot of new and free energy.  How cool is that?

How Does Time Line® Therapy Work?

Events that have happened in your life and are linked to negative emotions are stored as memories in the subconscious mind. The older you are, the more layers of negative emotions are built and the more influence they have on your life.  You may notice that there is a pattern of anger or fear and every time you are faced with a challenging situation, it triggers exactly the same reaction.  How good would you feel if you could release all your anger?  Imagine what that would allow you to do? In business and personally.

People are NOT their behaviours.  People HAVE behaviours.  You have inside you all the resources needed to make changes you want to make.  All you need is new information or different strategies to assist in making the change. Time Line® therapy is one of the many tools of hypnotherapy.  It works quickly and easily with you in total control. Behaviour patterns can be changed.

YOU ARE WORTH being free of negative emotions that are holding you back.  Imagine the freedom this will give you.

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