Why ‘move more, eat less’ Does Not Work for Weight Loss

Maybe you already know this.  Maybe you are already aware that simply reducing the amount of food you eat can get off to a flying start but inevitably ends badly.

BUT you keep doing it anyway.

You begin by counting calories, and documenting, because this is what you have been told to do, but it has little to no effect.  Well, it may have a great impact, at first.  You go ahead and reduce your calorie intake, quickly lose weight, and get really excited.

But you are really hungry, all the time, you convince yourself you are strong and have the willpower to do this.

Not far down the track and your weight reaches a plateau.

You are now really, really hungry.  This impacts both your stomach and your ‘willpower’.

Now you find that even eating ‘normally’ results in weight gain, frustration, anxiety and despair.

It only takes one emotional trigger and your willpower breaks down and that chocolate in front of you, is just begging to be eaten.

You can only do this for so long before you fall off the wagon.

What will work?

You have read the studies that show ‘dieting’ is associated with long term weight gain. But you still keep searching for the ‘right’ diet for you.

Forget the diets.  Forget counting calories.  Forget the obsession with food.


You are not born with a weight ‘issue’.  These are circumstances that have evolved by life itself.

Weight loss programs, and diets, work exclusively on the narrow beam of focus that is the conscious mind.  But solutions and potentially life-changing resources lie in the ‘darkness’ of the unconscious mind.

We are hypnotic beings.  Hypnosis, because it is natural, happens naturally all the time in life. We are in and out of a hypnotic trance throughout every day.  Hypnosis is the optimum state for learning. Whenever we focus our attention strongly, we enter a kind of trance in which the mind is primed to make connections and build understanding and change habits.

An eating problem is just a habit.

Hypnotherapy, when your conscious mind is bypassed and through deep hypnotic relaxation, we can access the unconscious mind and insert the change you want.

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