Look beyond

Do you see yourself at your optimal weight?

Take just a moment to close your eyes and picture your ‘ideal’ future self.

Do you see yourself as very fit?

Do you see yourself as healthy?

Or do you see yourself as you are now?

The answer to these questions determines how successful you will be in achieving your weight loss goals.

Why?  Because if you can’t visualise yourself as fit and healthy, you cannot expect to be fit.

But you’re right.  It is more than just visualisation.

Do you ever wonder why you have so much resistance to making healthy food choices, avoiding junk food?  Why is it such a struggle to not just make healthy choices, but to stick to them?

The answer has to do with making a change – in your mind.  The brain is an amazing organ and it loves to automate anything it can.

You don’t have to ‘think’ about breathing, or walking, or swallowing, or concentrate on making your heart beat, – this happens automatically.

The subconscious mind relies on memories, knowledge and past experiences to create habits.  These habits and preferences then become routine and form an ‘identity’.

If you’re in the habit of overeating or eating unhealthy foods, you’ve built those practices into your health identity.  To change your results, you have to change your habits and behaviours.

And, as you may well know, to change habits and behaviours, we have to go a little deeper into the subconscious mind……

Once we know what your limiting beliefs are in regards to your health, you can start overcoming them, knowing that the changes you make, will last.

Remember: if you are motivated to change, then hypnotherapy simply works

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