Are you aware you are still carrying past emotional trauma?

Many people believe they have healed, either due to some ‘counselling’ or talking with friends, or just getting on with life UNTIL something happens that has an immediate impact and there you are, right back in the original trauma.

A case study:  a woman who has a history of applying for many, many jobs which she is always enthusiastic about, initially.  She is 65 years old, divorced, 2 adult children, one, with whom she has a very strained relationship and the other, has no contact.  Divorced, many years ago from a husband who was an emotional abuser.

The jobs usually last only a few weeks and it is ALWAYS the same, familiar story about how no one in the organisation respects her, they don’t understand she is intelligent and initiates change to benefit the running of the organisation.  “They don’t like” me, “they feel threatened by me” and the focus of her anger is usually blamed on her immediate boss, whom she always describes as a bully.  The boss shouts at her, threatens to sack her, has all the staff working against her and hating her therefore making her work life so uncomfortable that it is impossible to continue working in the organisation.  So she leaves, reporting them all to authorities and anyone who will listen, sympathetically, to her case. She describes the latest conflict with the boss as intimidating, she was shaking, and suddenly being reminded of her ex-husband. “even though I have healed from all that”

NO, she has not healed

Stories like this are way too common.

8 common signs of unresolved trauma?  

  1. Anxiety
  2. Feeling victimised
  3.  Easily triggered
  4. Playing the victim
  5. Controlling or possessive
  6. Easily angered
  7. Insomnia
  8. Difficulty with relationships

Whilst you cannot change the actual event that caused the trauma hypnosis can eliminate the emotion surrounding the event – very successfully, which enables you to truly get on with living and develop meaningful relationships.


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