TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS – you know more than you think

I love watching game shows, especially the ones with multiple choice answers.  Observing how the contestant hovers over the answers –  A, B or C?  they press an incorrect answer, whilst at the same time saying ‘I should have gone with my gut’!

So what is that? 

What does it mean when you feel you really should have chosen a different answer, or a different job, friend, car, house, financial decision……the list is never-ending.  And you find yourself thinking ‘I knew I should have chosen ???????’  SOMETHING is telling you this is not right for you.  This is your unconscious mind, that ‘little voice at the back of your mind’, because stored within us are the lessons and wisdom from all our past experiences and knowledge.

If you are making lots of poor choices in life then take time to stop and notice and listen to what your ‘gut’, ‘instinct’, (it is your unconscious mind) is saying.  The more you listen, the louder and clearer the right choice will become.

Everyone has got some experience of not following what you knew, deep down, was best for you.


Hypnotherapy enters into the unconscious mind, making changes, healing, changing unwanted patterns, habits, anxiety and much more.  Importantly the changes are WHAT YOU WANT.

The conscious mind sets limits, but when you let the unconscious mind take over you can achieve what was thought to be impossible.

My approach is intentionally simple, because it is designed to bypass the part of the mind that keeps people from making the changes they desire.


  • Take time to stop, notice and listen
  • Trust your inner wisdom
  • Take time to process before making decisions
  • Disconnect from anything that could be negatively impacting your self-awareness (alcohol, smoking, poor food, watching negative news)
  • Disassociate from unhealthy relationships
Take time to stop and notice

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